the eye is our window to the brain


Who We Are

We are highly skilled professionals with expertise in Physics, Engineering, Business Development, and Operations. Our specialized field is optical imaging. 

 Our solution is based on patented technology developed by  Dr. Melanie Campbell at the University of Waterloo, which  provides early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. 


What We Do

We will provide a new screening test, using an image of the retina that can be taken in any healthcare or research setting. 

Our test scans for Amyloid beta deposits associated with Alzheimer’s disease and can be identified in patients ranging from pre-symptomatic to late stage. 

Our web-connected solution will enable these images to be transmitted and processed through our application which detects and measures the presence of Amyloid beta in the neural layer of the retina. 

Our operation will then produce a report. Healthcare professionals can review and decide on the appropriate care for their patient. Pharma researchers can monitor progress of drug treatments.  


How We Do It

Our research has proven that the interaction of Amyloid beta with polarized light makes the deposits visible.  

Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopes are standard equipment in research facilities and Optometrists' offices.

We only require light polarization filters and motors to be added in order to capture a suitable image. 

Our application contains an advanced algorithm that processes multiple polarized light images, highlighting the Amyloid beta deposits.  


Why We Do It

Our objective is to deliver noninvasive, affordable, and widely accessible Alzheimer's screening tests for patients well before symptoms exist. 

As the Alzheimer’s Association has stated, early detection can deliver significant benefits to individuals and families, and has a very positive socioeconomic impact. 

Current therapies and lifestyle adjustments have been proven to delay the progression of Alzheimer's, extend work life, and improve the quality of life for patents when identified early. 

Where We Operate


We are headquartered in Canada, within the Toronto-Waterloo high technology corridor. 

We will be able to provide Alzheimer's screening in any jurisdiction in which we have obtained regulatory clearance. 

Our initial entry is expected to be screening for Amyloid beta deposits in the retina as a marker of Amyloid beta deposits in the brain during Pharma trials of anti-amyloid drugs.

We will then progress to widely accessible screening, available at medical clinics and Optometrists' offices.